11th Annual SDFF – March 22 – 25, 2018

Whether capturing nature, tracking down indigenous cultures, revealing the art within or visiting remarkable lives, independent documentary filmmakers live with their projects for years and many times at great personal and economic risk.

Since 2007, the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival has been a destination for these storytellers and their captivating artistic, educational and politically-inspiring docs. These are films that are rarely seen anywhere else and continue to ignite conversations in the theatre lobby, in the pubs and in living rooms long after the house lights go up.

Is is you, our partners who make up the backbone of the SDFF.  While film teams are in town, some of you will open their doors while others will offer travel stipends and even prize money.  In the end, all of you are dedicated to bring to the community these extraordinary and indelible works of film art with your financial contributions.

The adventure begins again in March.  We hope you will join us.


FILM STILL CREDIT: Tommie Dell Smith’s ‘The Groove is Not Trivial’